Johaar is the Hindi Dubbed Version of 2020 Year’s Telugu Language Drama Movie Johaar. This Movie is Directed by Marni Teja Chowdary. The Main Lead Role is doing by Chaitanya Krishna and Esther Anil in this Movie. The Music of this Movie is Composed by Priyadarshan Balasubramanian. The IMDb Rate of this Movie is 7.4 Out of 10. This Movie is Liked by 96% Google Users. The Hindi Voice of Chaitanya Krishna is Dubbed by Dubbing Artist Krutarth Trivedi.

Johaar Hindi Dubbed Movie
Johaar Hindi Dubbed Movie

Movie : Johaar

Dubbed From : Johaar

Producer : Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited

Director : Marni Teja Chowdary

Star Cast : Chaitanya Krishna, Esther Anil, Ankith Koyya, Naina Ganguly, Eshwari Rao & Many More

Writter : Marni Teja Chowdary

Dubbing Script Writter : Shiv Gopal Krishna

Music Director : Priyadarshan Balasubramanian

Dubbing Music Director : Amrit Kaur

Dubbing Singer : Arslal Akhun, Barsha Tripathi, Rohit Shastri

Banner : Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited

Dubbing Studio : Sky Hi Productions

Dubbing Artist : Krutarth Trivedi, Mohit Sinha, Subela Sharma, Vandana Srivastav, Nandakishor Pandey, Anita Dokniya

Mixing by : Aman Kazi

TV Premiere Date : 14 August 2021

TV Premiere Source : Zee Cinema

TV Premiere Time : 3:30PM

OTT Release Date : 6 September 2021

OTT Release Source : Zee5

Running Time : 1 Hour 54 Minute

Genres : Drama

CBFC Rating : U/A

Language : Hindi

Country : India

State : Andhrapradesh

IMDb Rate : 7.4/10

Google Users Liked : 96%

Johaar Movie is Produced by Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited. This Movie is Written by Marni Teja Chowdary. It was Dubbed into Hindi under Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited Banner. Full Movie was Premiered on 14 August 2021 at 3:30pm on Zee Cinema TV Channel. Otherhand, it was Released on 6 September 2021 on Zee5 OTT Platform. The Running Time of this Movie is 1 Hour 54 Minute. The Work of Dubbing Script Writter is doing by Shiv Gopal Krishna and Dubbed into Hindi in Sky Hi Productions Dubbing Studio. The Work of Dubbing Music Director is doing by Amrit Kaur. The Songs are Dubbed into Hindi by Dubbing Singer Arslal Akhun, Barsha Tripathi and Rohit Shastri. The CBFC Rating of this Movie is U/A. The Role of Vijay Varma is doing by Chaitanya Krishna and the Role of Jyothi is doing by Esther Anil.

Johaar Hindi Dubbed Movie Character

  • Vijay's role for Chaitanya Krishna
  • Jyothi's role for Esther Anil
  • Siddhu's role for Ankith Koyya
  • Bala's role for Naina Ganguly
  • Ganga's role for Eshwari Rao

Johaar Hindi Dubbed Movie Voice Artist

  • Krutarth Trivedi's voice for Chaitanya Krishna
  • Subela Sharma's voice for Naina Ganguly

Johaar Hindi Dubbed Movie Story

Five different stories has in this Movie. After death of Cheif Minister Achyutha Ramayya, his son Vijay (Chaitanya Krishna) get the chance to become a Chief Minister. Vijay wanted to make a big statue of his father and he also wanted to make permenent his father legacy. Otherhand, Bala (Naina Ganguly) wants to become a national athlete. Because she wants to out from poor situation. She thinks that national athlete is the only way to out from poor situation. And otherhand, Ganga (Eshwari Rao) wants to safe her daughter from a kidney related illness. And otherhand, Jyothi's (Esther Anil) daughter falls in love with a tea-seller. After this Jyothi was faced many problems. And otherhand, Bose Subhalekha Sudhakar) have a orphan home. He wants more funds for his orphan home's children better future.